Plastic Welding

Plastic Welding

SDTS Engineering Ltd offers welding services of not just metals we also weld most plastics using 4 Common types of heating process.

Hot Air Welding

Used on most types of common plastics

Airless Welding Machine

This type of plastic welder generally eliminates excessive welding rod buildup and can help avoid panel warpage. The final weld usually should penetrate about 75 percent of the base materials, and typically should be allowed to air cool for at least 30 minutes.

Injection welding

A great option if mobility. Normally they are easy to use and produce a high-quality bond.

Extrusion Welding

An extrusion welder has a screw (auger) mechanism, which conveys rod or pellets (depending on welder size), through a barrel.  Inside the barrel the plastic mixes, compresses, and melts.  The auger pushes the melted plastic out of the welder through a 'shoe' and creates the weld bead.  The extrusion welder pre-heats the weld area with hot air or hot gas.



Material Testing



PP Copolymer

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